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Joe Maddox; KemoHerb Stops Stage 4 Throat Cancer

When Joe Maddox was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer in February 2018, the Hermleigh, Texas cattleman and wife (Peggy) were ready for the fight--a fight to stop terminal cancer without radiation and chemotherapy.

"Once Peggy and I heard about the side-effects (loss of the ability to swallow, a feeding tube, loss of speech, loss of saliva glands, etc.), we decided against chemo and radiation, said Joe. "At age 77, I didn’t want to go through the pain and suffering for the rest of my life."

Having no prior cancer or any other disease, Joe and Peggy were blind-sided when doctors found a swollen lymph node.

"I've never had any symptoms," Joe said. "I don't even know what cancer symptoms are."

Joe's doctors took a biopsy of the swollen lymph node and found cancer. A PET Scan was used to see how far Joe's throat cancer had spread.

"I have Stage 4A throat cancer and the cancer cells were coming from a tumor near my voice box," said Joe. "I talked to cancer doctors at two (2) hospitals and both recommended the same treatment: 6-7 weeks of radiation with chemotherapy once a week."

Joe and Peggy were looking for cancer treatment without chemotherapy and radiation.

Q1: Joe, how did you here about Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical?

"My son Dalton talked to a real estate client who knew about alternative cancer treatment available in California from Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical. We connected with research chemist, Huu Tieu and Dr. Stephen Meis to get started on this new treatment path using herbal technology."

Q2: How did you start treatment?

"I started by taking ImunStem and Aktiffvate three (3) times per day. The goal was to strengthen my immune system to help fight the cancer. In addition, I started the Ketogenic Diet, which helps to fight cancer by decreasing the amount of sugars and carbohydrates I eat, and increasing my fat intake. I would also recommend watching the Youtube video by Thomas Seyfried entitled, Cancer: A Metabolic Disease with Metabolic Solutions."

Q3: Did you use additional treatments from Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical?

"Yes, after three (3) weeks of using ImunStem and Aktiffvate, Peggy and I went to Porterville, California for the first of five (5) cleansing treatments called KemoHerb.

Q4. Can you describe the KemoHerb treatment?

"I started in mid-morning by drinking one (1) ounce of KemoHerb1. Then, forty-five minutes later I drank one (1) ounce of KemoHerb2. The the rest of the day I stayed near the bathroom. I experienced several loose stoolsnd and even some By the next morning, I was feeling good enough to go sightseeing. We spent all day in the Sequoia National Park visiting the General Sherman Tree and touring around the San Joaquin Valley. The third day we came home and I played in a golf tournament that weekend (and hit a 360-yard drive!)"

Q5. After the first KemoHerb treatment, what happened next?

"Two weeks after the first KemoHerb, I received the second KemoHerb treatment. The second session followed the same process as the first. The next day following my second cleanse, I was pretty weak. We determined that I needed to intake more fluids during the KemoHerb treatment. Two weeks after my second KemoHerb, I recieved the third treatment. After this treatment, I felt fine the next day and even played golf two days later. This process continued until I completed the five (5) KemoHerb sessions"

Q6. Which medical tests are used to evaluate the effectiveness of the KemoHerb treatments?

"For me, the PET scan is used to determine my progress. It will tell me if tumor is growing or spreading. The standard blood test is a Complete Blood Count (CBC)."

PET Scan Results: June 22, 2018

"On June 22, 2018, I had a PET scan at the University of New Mexico Regional Cancer Center. The results showed that my tumor had not grown or spread. The doctor said this was "good news" and I certainly agreed."

PET Scan Results: October 22, 2018

"On October 22, 2018, I had another PET Scan with the same result. And once again the doctor said there was no change and to keep doing what I was doing. He said, You look great and you say you feel great if I were to prescribe one of my treatments for you, you would not be feeling so good.”

Q7. What's next on your schedule?

"I will continue to use ImunStem and Aktiffvate on regularly for now. The doctor said a CT scan (chest area) in three (3) months, and another PET scan in six (6) months."

Q8. Do people ask you about your treatment Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical?

"People have called me and asked me if I would recommend them. I say get in touch with Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I have no symptoms, no weakness, no tiredness, no nothing. I'm taking care of cattle, playing golf, and just doing my regular stuff with no pain. I believe these treatments will help me live to be 120 years old. I just feel too good!"