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Multiple Sclerosis Victim Dennis Crowell Walks Again; Pushes Power-Chair During Parade

Updated: May 6, 2019

Porterville, CA - Despite being confined to a power-chair for more than two-(2) years after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Dennis Crowell arrived at the "Cinco de Mayo Parade" in Porterville on a hopeful mission to walk again and push his power-chair in the parade down Main Street.

"My doctors told me that Multiple Sclerosis would never allow me to walk again", said Crowell. "They shouldn't have told me that!" he continued. "Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical therapies, and Family HELM are helping me BEAT MS"

Dennis, a former engineer with nurse training has been using Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical therapies since January 17, 2018.

Dennis arrived that day to meet Family HELM founder and CEO Sylvia Harral. He had heard about Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical and wanted to give the products a try.

Under his doctors care, Dennis was prescribed Zimbryda, which he has since discontinued, along with all of his other prescription medications. Having already started the Imunstem & Aktiffvate, a stronger dose of each was used to compensate for the elimination of the Zimbryda and other prescription drugs.

The journey for Dennis wasn't easy. For more than one year, Dennis has made a daily trip on his power-chair to catch a bus which brings him to the Porterville's main station (downtown). From there, he rides his chair several blocks to the clinic [Family HELM].

Dennis's same doctor has continued to monitor his success with MRIs. His latest MRI reported 'No progression of deterioration', that's with being off all presciption drugs and only using Golden Sunrise Nurtraceuticals for a little over one year.

This August, Dennis will have another MRI. This time, he hopes that it will show regression.

In the Cinco-de-Mayo parade, May 4, 2019, Dennis Crowell walked behind his power-chair down Main Street as thousands of people applauded his success. Dennis is on a mission to reverse his disease and beat MS once and for all.

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